Saturday, May 28, 2011

agony of De' feet

As a foot zone therapist I have had some remarkable experiences with clients. As I work thru the points on their feet, finding and helping to relieve the blockages caused by physical or emotional stresses. I have witnessed the healthy shifts that can happen.
The other day I was zoning a client and working on the lung point, which caused a very sudden and 'thrashing in the chair' response. I looked at the client with question in my eyes..."ok, I admit, the client said, I started smoking again..."
The client has been under some serious stress and reverted back to an old habit of coping. Not the best habit, but one that was familiar. We talked about it and checked for a healthier way to cope rather than to fill the lungs and body with poison.

Sadly, a great many of society have bought into the lie that one needs a substance to cope.
There are many reasons as to why others gravitate to this destructive venue . But on the up side, there are many ways to help wean off these vices and reclaim inner strength .

God desires for us to stand in our truth and to be strong. He has given us helps and guides and means to overcome.

There are opposing forces who would have us defeated. Weak, blocked, numb.

It's time to reclaim ourselves and be free. Life, for the most part, is good! Hard times come to all of us , but they need not own us. We need not be a slave to them . We can turn within for strength and reach above into the heavens for support and leave the additive pseudo coping devices behind.