Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Place of Knowing: My interview with Emma Lou Thayne( Beloved author and Poet)

The Place of Knowing is where we all want to be, a place of answers, peace, understanding, enlightenment.
In Emma Lou Thayne's new release, The Place of Knowing, her life and near death experiences will shepherd you, the reader, closer to that goal.

Emma Lou Thayne discovered her love and gift for writing in the 4th grade. After producing a poem as part of an assignment to be read in class, her teacher question the integrity of the poem stating it was too good to have been written by Emma Lou. Disappointed by her teacher's doubting words,but not discouraged, Emma Lou( Warner) Thayne continued to write her way into the realms of Literary Royalty.

Sitting in the presence of such a beloved author, poet and public speaker I, of course, was in awe!
The magnitude of this opportunity did not slip past me. But I was delightfully put at ease by Sister Thyane's warm and engaging conversation, I felt her a true kindred spirit!

I believe , as a reader of her book, ( The Place of Knowing) you will find that same engaging conversation that will warm and touch your soul.

I invite you all to take the journey and discover your place of knowing with Emma Lou Thayne's
newest Book.

* in depth interview details will be on my blog next week.....something to look forward to .