Friday, August 24, 2012

letting go of Grief

To those who have lost a loved one, this information may help heal your heart and hopefully help you find peace.
I lost my dad suddenly this summer. It shocked me, but I was not surprised as his health had been waning for years.
 For those who know me and my life story, know that years ago, I had an NDE myself and understand death at a different level. When I returned , my ability to stay in contact with the spirit world by sight and hearing was opened.
 That being said, when I heard of my dad's passing, the veil closed and I could not see or hear anyone, including my dad from the other side. This felt foreign and strange. I prayed and asked why. The Lord's answer came very clear. "Because you need to grieve" I had to feel that separation and go through a mourning stage. Within a week I had total peace.

In time, the veil opened back up and life for me has resumed as normal. Do I miss my dad? the answer is no. Shocked, you may ask why? It's because I feel him near. He is not far away and he(spirit) has come when I needed him. I have heard his voice, I have felt his hands placed on my head when other Preisthood beare have blessed me. I know he is near.
I have watched my sisters and mother over the months continue to grieve. This is normal in the world's eye. But today as I pondered this situation  and others I have known who have allowed grief and loss to play an active role in their life, and wondered why..... the Holy Spirit taught me this:

When we grieve beyond a certain period of time ( set by God) our spirits go into a low vibration. Think of a light with a dimmer switch. Those from the other side, our loved ones, can not enter a space where there is low vibrations.( light cleaveth unto light) They are at a high vibration and the low repels them. SATAN KNOWS THIS. So he has taught the world to grieve for months, years...because he knows that sad energy will naturally keep our loved ones away from us.This whole mindset of grief the world had accepted is false. It places a disregard for the Atonement of Christ, it keeps peace away...and it keeps our loved ones away.
If you want to feel them near, let go of the sorrow and remember the joy, live life in gratitude. Wasn't it Dr Suess that said " Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" . I promise you, as the Lord has promised, if you give Him your grief, he will give you peace , choose to live a life in a state of love and gratitude, and joy vs. loss and sorrow and heaven and those therein can not be kept from you.