Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers Day and Dancing Blooms

As I tip-toed through the tulips at the annual Thanksgiving Point tulip fest, I couldn't help but feel that Mother Earth had donned a fine flowered hat for Mothers Day. She, of course, being the ultimate Mother that has nutured every living soul, and desreves a the colorful spray of blooms.

At every turn and bend in the faux cobble stoned walk, my breath was taken with the variety and pallet of peddles. The sweet fragrence was lite in the breeze. The sun was warm, the little stream gurgled. It was a welcomed sensory overload . This is Spring at it's best.

I continued my walk, snapping pictures and watching the nature loving people wander through each venue. I was amused at their variety,color and shapes as well. As I saunterd down in to a small valley of grass, my thoughts were interupted and my attention was quickly drawn to a small grove. Out behind a walkway of budding bushes and pansies, a twirling pink skirt danced into my view. There in the sunlight, framed in garden splender was the true Blossom of Spring. A child. Free and uninhibited by the world joyfully dancing and twirling in the tulips. She and her fragrance of innocence, her promise of new life, I thought, is truly the flower that adorns our Mother's hat. Happy Mothers Day!


Heidi G. said...

How BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wish I could have been there. :)

Actually, your description is totally enlightening and healing. What a way with words you have! You're an artist in sooooooo many, many ways!