Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grass Roots

As I sat on the grassy hill after my walk, thinking about the upcoming wellness seminar "For the Beauty of The Earth,( May 21) I remembered as a kid I use to eat grass. Well, not the whole blade, but the root. My freinds and I would gently pull a blade of grass up from the ground ,being careful not to tear it in the process and at the end of the blade was a 1/2 inch section of milky white fiber holding in a yellow root. We would open that portion and eat the sweet root. I have no idea why or how that all started, maybe instinct as our body was looking for vitamin A..?who knows.

As I remember my grazing days, I pondered on all the vitamin rich foods that come from the earth,healthy happy foods , now look how many people are choosing to eat more porcessed foods instead. Quick, easy and empty. Then pop a vitamin pill for health's sake.
No wonder we have a health crisis in this generation. Not only are we choosing poorly when it comes to what we injest, but we have conjured up a fear of being outside, on the grass, in the sunshine.
How many kids today sit outside with friends just talking and laughing and pulling grass to chew on or searching for little "cheesies to eat( the little green cheese shaped plant growing at the the edge of the lawn) .
True,now days we have overused the pesticides on front lawns making a grass chewing experince a little more risky, but that aside, I realized that the population as a whole has pulled away from Grass roots, Simple living. A time when talking face to face was the norm , eating fresh food from a garden not microwaving a depleted food source from a box was the norm, and sitting/playing in the fresh air untethered to an electronic devise was the prefered place to be.

So I hope that next time you find your self outside, find a lush patch of grass to sit on. And if you choose not to search for the roots to chew, maybe you can search for roots to return to.


Michelle said...

Life was so different when I was a girl! I lived outside in the summer. I want my girls to love it as much as I did. Thank you for the reminder!