Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laying naked in the Grass

I am sure at first glance this title may make some people twinge. But I assure you, it's not all what you may think it is.
As in years past, after I take an evening walk around the Temple grounds, I end my exercise by pulling off the shoes and socks and walk barefoot through the cool grass. That simple act is more rejuvenating than you know.
I find a quiet spot, there inside the gates of the Temple, and for a the lack of a more graceful word, plunk myself down on the grass, stretch and then settle back into the cool blades of green.

There with my face turned Heavenward, I lay there naked, vulnerable and without any earthly trappings before God.
I am stripped of all things . H e sees me as I am, without the spiritual "spanks" holding me in , without a moo-moo to hide behind or without any tinkling jewels and fine twine- linens( not that I wear it to exercise..but my New balance running shoes are rather nifty) that would try to place me above another. I am there, Me, without pretenses,he sees and knows me inside out and upside down. I can not hide my heart or my soul. And so I am naked before Him.
In those vulnerable moments , I am taught in quiet and profound ways.
I am reminded how much He loves me. I am reminded how much I am truly blessed.
I am open to him, no fig leaf or bush or cloth to hide my nakedness. I am hoping to be as a child who is free and shameless, innocent and teachable...and not hide my nakedness/vulnerability before God.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Borrowed communication

As I have had a frustrating few weeks with an internet provider...or should I say the lack of a internet provider..( loss or skittish connection) I can not help but think back when this would never had been an issue. Communication ,even 10 years ago was so different, 20 years ago this whole web and cyber chat was not even on our radar for the most part. We used a phone, attached to a wall...or the base was attached to the wall. If we went out, no one tracked us down by phone, we didn't get emails, or texts, We spoke face to face or left a meaagae or called back and that was that. I remember when even most homes had no "answering service" of any kind.
Now we have become so dependant on this technology.
So, since I too am caught into to this cyber web, I have had to schlep across the way to a beloved sister and borrow her computer to communicate with the world.

As I have done so, a lesson was learned. One form of (if not the most important) communication has never been disconnected.
Prayer. One can always connect with God, he never puts us on hold, puts us on a machine, and we are always in our calling roaming fees . So tonight as I look at my blank computer, yet again, I will know when cyber space is shut down, the heavens are always connected!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Place of Knowing: My interview with Emma Lou Thayne( Beloved author and Poet)

The Place of Knowing is where we all want to be, a place of answers, peace, understanding, enlightenment.
In Emma Lou Thayne's new release, The Place of Knowing, her life and near death experiences will shepherd you, the reader, closer to that goal.

Emma Lou Thayne discovered her love and gift for writing in the 4th grade. After producing a poem as part of an assignment to be read in class, her teacher question the integrity of the poem stating it was too good to have been written by Emma Lou. Disappointed by her teacher's doubting words,but not discouraged, Emma Lou( Warner) Thayne continued to write her way into the realms of Literary Royalty.

Sitting in the presence of such a beloved author, poet and public speaker I, of course, was in awe!
The magnitude of this opportunity did not slip past me. But I was delightfully put at ease by Sister Thyane's warm and engaging conversation, I felt her a true kindred spirit!

I believe , as a reader of her book, ( The Place of Knowing) you will find that same engaging conversation that will warm and touch your soul.

I invite you all to take the journey and discover your place of knowing with Emma Lou Thayne's
newest Book.

* in depth interview details will be on my blog next week.....something to look forward to .