Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enough is as good as a Feast

In the Movie, Mary Poppins, the magical nanny reminds Jane and Michael of this very concept. Very wise words when pondered.
This past week I learned the very lesson with a dozen...well, 2 dozen cupcakes.
I had volunteered to donate cupcakes for the young women of my ward (church) as a fund raiser for camp. I had in my mind's eye the kind of cupcakes I would make. Being trained as a professional cake decorator, I knew I could mimic the popular style of cupcake that brings in the Big Bucks , know..those flavored filled frosting piled to the roof kind...?
So with bowl and beaters and assorted ingredients I set out to fulfill my baking obligation.

Sadly or I should say horrifically as I attempted to frost the cupcakes with the mile high swirl, something kept going terribly wrong. There was no earthly reason these should not be turning out. Very frustrated and miffed. I called it a night and went to bed.
As I was saying my prayers and thinking about the sticky mess I left in the kitchen, the thought came in very clear and i understood the lesson immediately .
"Brenda those cupcakes ( the ones piled high with frosting that sell like crazy in sweet shoppes) are all about over indulgence. These cupcakes ( the ones I am to make) are not about that, they are about service." Wow, how true...God sees the folly of men and their addiction to more, even in a cupcake. As I thought about it and concluded to follow that gentle reminder that enough is as good as a feast, fun cupcakes don't have to be piled high with frosting to bring in the big bucks for a fundraiser. A fun simple design popped into my head and I drifted off into peaceful sleep.

How true , though, the cupcakes that are so popular are about over indulging, just like the super sized fries, drinks and other assorted foods purchased at drive thru windows. Just like bigger better computers, phones and piles of shoes.

Why do we feel we need more than we we really do? Are we afraid if we don't get the two years supply of frosting today on this one cupcake , we will never get it? If I don't eat all these fries today we will just shrink up and die? .....well chances are you may, but not from the the lack of super sized french fries.. what is driving this frenzy?

When did society decided enough wasn't?

I don't know, but if God sees our folly in a seemingly small thing as a cupcake, maybe we need to rethink this before everything is taken and we learn the hard way, that enough is as good as a feast.


Michelle said...

I needed to hear this! Thank you.

Heidi G. said...

Don't you love it when the Spirit is the teacher! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!