Thursday, March 15, 2012

allegory of the lady bug kite

As of late it has been kite flying weather here along the Wasatch front. Clear skies and daily breezes has the kite flying public out with assorted kites and tails. Last week as a healthy Spring breeze was blowing thru, I met with a friend at our "Temple beach" and launched our little bug kite into the air.
It soared for a while then decided to do a few cart wheels in the current , a gentle tug on the line regained some control and then down to the earth it went .
This pattern continued as we would launch and re launch..I found that my little kite , which once soared to great heights just a few days before, was now satisfied to just fly higher than about 20 feet before it would have a fit, flip out, cartwheel and plummet to the earth.
I noticed, however, that as the currents changed my little kite would try to adjust, connect with the wind and keep aloft, but along with a low flying altitude or should I say attitude, even the possibility of catching a nice strong upward current was not on her agenda. And here in lies the lesson. I learned while standing barefoot on the sand with a dizzy kite that so many of God's children are content to just fly low. The winds of change or the possibility of soaring to our potential scares us to death, we plummet back to the safe ground. We, like a kite, have every right to soar, we are built to soar, to rise above it all and BE. Be what we were designed to be.
Maybe my little green lady bug kite really did want to fly..but knowing there was a lesson to be learned, she sacrificed a bit of breeze in hopes that I would catch it, remember who I am and allow myself to soar.