Saturday, May 28, 2011

agony of De' feet

As a foot zone therapist I have had some remarkable experiences with clients. As I work thru the points on their feet, finding and helping to relieve the blockages caused by physical or emotional stresses. I have witnessed the healthy shifts that can happen.
The other day I was zoning a client and working on the lung point, which caused a very sudden and 'thrashing in the chair' response. I looked at the client with question in my eyes..."ok, I admit, the client said, I started smoking again..."
The client has been under some serious stress and reverted back to an old habit of coping. Not the best habit, but one that was familiar. We talked about it and checked for a healthier way to cope rather than to fill the lungs and body with poison.

Sadly, a great many of society have bought into the lie that one needs a substance to cope.
There are many reasons as to why others gravitate to this destructive venue . But on the up side, there are many ways to help wean off these vices and reclaim inner strength .

God desires for us to stand in our truth and to be strong. He has given us helps and guides and means to overcome.

There are opposing forces who would have us defeated. Weak, blocked, numb.

It's time to reclaim ourselves and be free. Life, for the most part, is good! Hard times come to all of us , but they need not own us. We need not be a slave to them . We can turn within for strength and reach above into the heavens for support and leave the additive pseudo coping devices behind.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enough is as good as a Feast

In the Movie, Mary Poppins, the magical nanny reminds Jane and Michael of this very concept. Very wise words when pondered.
This past week I learned the very lesson with a dozen...well, 2 dozen cupcakes.
I had volunteered to donate cupcakes for the young women of my ward (church) as a fund raiser for camp. I had in my mind's eye the kind of cupcakes I would make. Being trained as a professional cake decorator, I knew I could mimic the popular style of cupcake that brings in the Big Bucks , know..those flavored filled frosting piled to the roof kind...?
So with bowl and beaters and assorted ingredients I set out to fulfill my baking obligation.

Sadly or I should say horrifically as I attempted to frost the cupcakes with the mile high swirl, something kept going terribly wrong. There was no earthly reason these should not be turning out. Very frustrated and miffed. I called it a night and went to bed.
As I was saying my prayers and thinking about the sticky mess I left in the kitchen, the thought came in very clear and i understood the lesson immediately .
"Brenda those cupcakes ( the ones piled high with frosting that sell like crazy in sweet shoppes) are all about over indulgence. These cupcakes ( the ones I am to make) are not about that, they are about service." Wow, how true...God sees the folly of men and their addiction to more, even in a cupcake. As I thought about it and concluded to follow that gentle reminder that enough is as good as a feast, fun cupcakes don't have to be piled high with frosting to bring in the big bucks for a fundraiser. A fun simple design popped into my head and I drifted off into peaceful sleep.

How true , though, the cupcakes that are so popular are about over indulging, just like the super sized fries, drinks and other assorted foods purchased at drive thru windows. Just like bigger better computers, phones and piles of shoes.

Why do we feel we need more than we we really do? Are we afraid if we don't get the two years supply of frosting today on this one cupcake , we will never get it? If I don't eat all these fries today we will just shrink up and die? .....well chances are you may, but not from the the lack of super sized french fries.. what is driving this frenzy?

When did society decided enough wasn't?

I don't know, but if God sees our folly in a seemingly small thing as a cupcake, maybe we need to rethink this before everything is taken and we learn the hard way, that enough is as good as a feast.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grass Roots

As I sat on the grassy hill after my walk, thinking about the upcoming wellness seminar "For the Beauty of The Earth,( May 21) I remembered as a kid I use to eat grass. Well, not the whole blade, but the root. My freinds and I would gently pull a blade of grass up from the ground ,being careful not to tear it in the process and at the end of the blade was a 1/2 inch section of milky white fiber holding in a yellow root. We would open that portion and eat the sweet root. I have no idea why or how that all started, maybe instinct as our body was looking for vitamin A..?who knows.

As I remember my grazing days, I pondered on all the vitamin rich foods that come from the earth,healthy happy foods , now look how many people are choosing to eat more porcessed foods instead. Quick, easy and empty. Then pop a vitamin pill for health's sake.
No wonder we have a health crisis in this generation. Not only are we choosing poorly when it comes to what we injest, but we have conjured up a fear of being outside, on the grass, in the sunshine.
How many kids today sit outside with friends just talking and laughing and pulling grass to chew on or searching for little "cheesies to eat( the little green cheese shaped plant growing at the the edge of the lawn) .
True,now days we have overused the pesticides on front lawns making a grass chewing experince a little more risky, but that aside, I realized that the population as a whole has pulled away from Grass roots, Simple living. A time when talking face to face was the norm , eating fresh food from a garden not microwaving a depleted food source from a box was the norm, and sitting/playing in the fresh air untethered to an electronic devise was the prefered place to be.

So I hope that next time you find your self outside, find a lush patch of grass to sit on. And if you choose not to search for the roots to chew, maybe you can search for roots to return to.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers Day and Dancing Blooms

As I tip-toed through the tulips at the annual Thanksgiving Point tulip fest, I couldn't help but feel that Mother Earth had donned a fine flowered hat for Mothers Day. She, of course, being the ultimate Mother that has nutured every living soul, and desreves a the colorful spray of blooms.

At every turn and bend in the faux cobble stoned walk, my breath was taken with the variety and pallet of peddles. The sweet fragrence was lite in the breeze. The sun was warm, the little stream gurgled. It was a welcomed sensory overload . This is Spring at it's best.

I continued my walk, snapping pictures and watching the nature loving people wander through each venue. I was amused at their variety,color and shapes as well. As I saunterd down in to a small valley of grass, my thoughts were interupted and my attention was quickly drawn to a small grove. Out behind a walkway of budding bushes and pansies, a twirling pink skirt danced into my view. There in the sunlight, framed in garden splender was the true Blossom of Spring. A child. Free and uninhibited by the world joyfully dancing and twirling in the tulips. She and her fragrance of innocence, her promise of new life, I thought, is truly the flower that adorns our Mother's hat. Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

REIKI Healing Music

Grass and New York City

Yesterday as I mowed the grass for my aging parents, my first thought was this would serve as a work out for me. The Yard is bumpy caused by root systems from trees and tunnels from worms. Controlling a mower over such terrain truly gives the arms wrists and hands a work out.

My second thought was, if everyone lent themselves to more manual- physical service to others i.e. yard work, walking the dog for someone house bound etc, we wouldn't need to go to a gym to work out our bodies and keep them in shape.

Finally as I jostled the mower across the thick grass I felt gratitude that I lived in a place where there was space/land for yards and gardens of our own, a place to connect with Mother Earth daily, unlike those poor folk in New York City who live in concrete and steel high rises.

They seldom get to connect to Mother Earth in everyday ways. I really don't see them rotating the schedule to mow patches of Central Park or weed or plant the gardens there. Unlike Europe where one sees the abundance of window boxes on high rises, a small box of dirt and plants in which to connect to another living thing besides a house cat. I was curious how those in cities get grounded... there is something healing about working with the land , walking in the grass, and living in spaces of green. How might their lives be different if they had the blessing of mowing the grass or raking the leaves?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Emotion Code Webinar

I want to invite you to join in Dr. Nelson's webinar May 8. This man is incredible! He truly is a God send to the world in helping us all release trapped emotions that affect our lives, thought processes and attitudes. It is called the Emotion Code. I have been using this technique for a few years, and I have seen the life changing results!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am excited for the wellness Seminar May 21. I love it when Heaven does all the micro-manging in helping things come together! I am really excited to have Ryan Higbee as one of the Presenters! He is a wellspring of fabulous and helpful information. I know everyone who attends will greatly benefit from what he will teach