Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laying naked in the Grass

I am sure at first glance this title may make some people twinge. But I assure you, it's not all what you may think it is.
As in years past, after I take an evening walk around the Temple grounds, I end my exercise by pulling off the shoes and socks and walk barefoot through the cool grass. That simple act is more rejuvenating than you know.
I find a quiet spot, there inside the gates of the Temple, and for a the lack of a more graceful word, plunk myself down on the grass, stretch and then settle back into the cool blades of green.

There with my face turned Heavenward, I lay there naked, vulnerable and without any earthly trappings before God.
I am stripped of all things . H e sees me as I am, without the spiritual "spanks" holding me in , without a moo-moo to hide behind or without any tinkling jewels and fine twine- linens( not that I wear it to exercise..but my New balance running shoes are rather nifty) that would try to place me above another. I am there, Me, without pretenses,he sees and knows me inside out and upside down. I can not hide my heart or my soul. And so I am naked before Him.
In those vulnerable moments , I am taught in quiet and profound ways.
I am reminded how much He loves me. I am reminded how much I am truly blessed.
I am open to him, no fig leaf or bush or cloth to hide my nakedness. I am hoping to be as a child who is free and shameless, innocent and teachable...and not hide my nakedness/vulnerability before God.