Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Borrowed communication

As I have had a frustrating few weeks with an internet provider...or should I say the lack of a internet provider..( loss or skittish connection) I can not help but think back when this would never had been an issue. Communication ,even 10 years ago was so different, 20 years ago this whole web and cyber chat was not even on our radar for the most part. We used a phone, attached to a wall...or the base was attached to the wall. If we went out, no one tracked us down by phone, we didn't get emails, or texts, We spoke face to face or left a meaagae or called back and that was that. I remember when even most homes had no "answering service" of any kind.
Now we have become so dependant on this technology.
So, since I too am caught into to this cyber web, I have had to schlep across the way to a beloved sister and borrow her computer to communicate with the world.

As I have done so, a lesson was learned. One form of (if not the most important) communication has never been disconnected.
Prayer. One can always connect with God, he never puts us on hold, puts us on a machine, and we are always in our calling roaming fees . So tonight as I look at my blank computer, yet again, I will know when cyber space is shut down, the heavens are always connected!