Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Energy field of Forgiveness

The years of being an "energy therapist/facilitater" I have come across and learned about alot of enegry profiles and with that, I have come to appriciate that all creation is in a state of energy or vibration.
This morning while getting ready for work, my thoughts of a close friend who's family is at the brink of collapse filled my mind. As I went over the information I had been given and the possible senerios playing out on my mental stage , I wondered what it was that I was to do to help this person and family in crisis.
The answer was teach 'Forgiveness". Until there is forgivness plead for and given, the energy of the crisis will linger in the air and add to the discord. It will be, as it were, an atmosphere of frementing pea soup. For healing to take place, for the air to clear, for rational choices to be made, for peace to return, the energy , the vibration of forgiving needs to be the vital key to turn hearts back to light and open doors of renewal.
In all things we can do with energy therapy, tapping in to the atonment accessing the repentant heart and claiming the healing power of forgiving is what all this work is about. Forgive self, forgive one another. Truly it is as simple as that.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Messages in Water..A must Read for everyone

Messages in Water is a book I recommend to everyone! It teaches one how our thoughts affect not only our health and well being but how our thoughts can affect evryone and everything around us. The experiment was placing words, phrases and pictures on water taken from the same source then photographing the crystals that formed ..or in some cases did not form( see insert photo) You can go on line and actually watch (on youtube) the crystals form as music is played with perfect time. You can also google more photos of the crystals.
To cut through to the chase, we humans are about 70% water, imagine that what we take in( via junk food, images, thoughts,words, attitudes etc) is doing to our bodies. Imagine what you are doing to someone else with your thoughts/ words. Calling someone names or sending them negative "energy" does affect them. Critizing ourselves weakens us."As a man thinketh so is he"
As you read the book, and I hope you do, you will have an awakening of the infinite complexity and wonder of the human creation. You will realize that in truth, it is the thought that counts!