Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nothing can take the place of a Father's hand, if you don't have one here to hold, reach a little higher

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A story was told of a Caterpillar named Yellow who was
trying to discover what she should do with her life.
In her wanderings, she came across another Caterpillar caught in some gauzy filament. Concerned, she asked if she could help. The other Caterpillar explained that the filament was part of becoming a butterfly. When Yellow heard the word "Butterfly" , her whole insides leaped with excitement. "But what is a butterfly?" she asked. The cocooned Caterpillar explained, "It's what you are meant to become". Yellow was intrigued but a little defiant as well. " How can I believe that there is a butterfly inside you or me when all I see is a fussy worm?". She paused, after further reflection she asked pensively, "How does one become a butterfly?' and the answer was this, " You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a Caterpillar"
I gave this story to a sister almost a decade ago as she was in a life transition. She unearthed it this weekend as she sorted through some old boxes. She shared it now with me . How appropriate that this would emerge the same weekend that I attended the ground breaking of the Provo City Center Temple. It was once a beloved a  Tabernacle, a place of worship, a place of peace. It was ravaged by fire over a year ago. We, the community both secular and saintly, grieved as we watched the flames overtake this beloved landmark. Our hearts were heavy, and souls sad.
But Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes or a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, there is something more glorious to be experienced.
God, the Master Architect, has the divine blue print in hand. He will refine our structure, our life, by the fires of adversity and trials. He is the one who allows the cocoons to be woven about us knowing that though we find them confining or restricting, they are necessary for our becoming. He knows the end result will be wings of light, wings of glory, lifting us higher then one could ever imagine as a Caterpillar. Arise a new and BE!